HELLO! This portfolio page is specifically tailored for the Iconography & Illustration positions currently offered at Meta, specifically Instagram and WhatsApp. I have worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for over 8 years in a variety of industries, including tech and fashion. Though not all my work is in the tech industry, I believe my robust experience can easily translate to the role. My love for simplicity and order and my artistic sense ensures both professional and engaging designs. I can work in a variety of styles and create endless iterations for similar concepts. 
I worked on an mobile app with a team Stony Brook University in Long Island as the Ux Lead. I created the Ui for the app including all the below icons. These icons represent medical tools and ideas. Medical applications can feel very cold and clumsy, so it was important to me to create something that felt bright and fresh. I made a pattern from additional unused icons.
I created a series of illustrations and repeat patterns using the below graphics. Similar to an illustration system, I mix and match these icons to create different scenes such as the NYC subway and Bryant Park. These delicate but bold designs never fail to stand out! 
Charm bracelets can be considered a collection of icons! A client wanted a variety of charms for girls' bracelets. I created the below concepts in a sweet style that would appeal to tweens. 
A science products manufacturer wanted icons of their products. They asked that the icons have enough detail to clearly tell which is which. I simplified the below as much as I could while still making them feel cohesive. I arranged the icons into a pattern that the company uses on their packaging.
I create artwork in a variety of styles using Adobe Illustrator. 
Thank you for your consideration :) You can see more of my professional and personal work at anamcarmichael.com 
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